Podcast & Video Editing

While it is not difficult to start your own podcast or Youtube channel, anyone who has been running their segment on both platforms knows that it is time-consuming. Editing podcasts or videos often become the most tedious part of the journey, and that’s why we offer the service to support you in the area.

Our podcast and video editing services are suitable for anyone in the business who needs some assistance to avoid the monotonous part of editing and ensure to bring the best result, whether in the form of audio or video.

We offer a 2 to 4 days turnaround time, with an additional revision for each episode to ensure our client’s satisfaction. We also provide our podcast and video editing service in optional packages to save you time and money to create the best content for your audience for a long-term collaboration.

Podcast & Video Editing Service - Savviesticated

Our Podcast & Video Editing Services

We accommodate editing services in the form of audio and video, which will cover the following: 

  • Podcast & Video Editing
  • Removing Silence and Interruptions
  • Adding intro/outro/mid-roll files in between slides and segments
  • Sound design and mixing
  • 2-4 day delivery
  • Up to 3 additional revision
  • Cover graphic

We also offer a la carte service for our Podcast & Video Editing Service, where you can pick an item of your choice to get you started with your content episode!

Podcast Editing Service
Video Editing Service